Packaging Solutions for products in the fields of Pharma and Home & Personal Care

Starting From The Solid Foundation .

Oai Hung company has pioneered the field of pharmaceutical packaging since 1988, to manufacture “ High-Quality “ pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging products is its goal. Oai Hung always meets the requirements from its customers both domestically and abroad.

With the main products including PVC, PET film, PVdC film, and Aluminum film, Oai Hung increasingly attracts more customers and has been building the good reputation as the prestigious Vietnamese brand in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and food packaging.

As many customers commented: High-Quality, competitive price and good after sales service are the features of Oai Hung. That’s why Oai Hung has good relationship with its customers for a long time.

There have been some milestones in the development of Oai Hung for over 20 years.Oai Hung formerly was established as the Dai Hung facility in 1988- one of the pioneer establishments providing packaging for the pharmaceutical industry nationwide.

  • In 1999 it was incorparated Oai Hung Co. Ltd located in Tan Binh Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh.
  • In 2002, Oai Hung opened the first factory.
  • In 2006, Oai Hung awarded the certification of quality management system ISO 9001 by UKAS accredited UK and BVQI certification assessment.
  • In 2009, Oai Hung started to build the second plant aiming to meet the requirements of clean packaging GMP-WHO
  • In 2012, Oai Hung met the requirements of clean packaging GMP-WHO To make sure the solid foundation, from now on many efforts will be made.

Oai Hung has rich human resources with high level professional training which is provided periodically by the foreign experts of big corporations from advanced countries, such as Germany, UK, and USA, and that can contribute to the development of Oai Hung.

Along with the human resources, hight-technology and modern equipment are the key elements to create qualified products. Oai Hung has the production line imported from leading countries in the world such as Germany, UK, and USA.
That’s why Oai Hung’s plants are always operated well with good productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, Oai Hung takes advantage of good location: it is about 7 km from Tan Son Nhat international airport, and also it is very close to 1A National Highway. That can enhance competitiveness.
With continuous efforts and investment in research and development of new products, Oai Hung has created great and diversified products to meet pharmaceutical and food industry’s demand.

 Vision and Mission

Oai Hung always operates to be the leading manufacture of comprehensive clean packaging sector.Oai Hung’s mission is to provide the clean packaging products with the best quality for the pharmaceutical and food products to meet the market demands, and to bring the real benefits to its consumers.

Working Environment.

Oai Hung provides friendly, comfortable and developed working environment to the community. With  professional, dynamic, and creative environment, Oai Hung always creates promotional opportunities for all emplyees with professional development and  long-term commitment. 

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